Con safely- Dehydration

I think the most common thing that ME sick on cons is getting Dehydrated. Since I live in Florida and never seem to drink enough water. 

Hot con location + busy morning without an adequate breakfast + not drinking enough water= Dehydration  

It’s common to mistake dehydration for other kinds of con sick 

So here are some facts about Dehydration to keep in mind next time you are at a hot.

Side Effect of Dehydration 

  • dry skin and mouth
  • muscle weakness
  • dizziness
  • sleepiness
  • decreased urination and increased thirst
  • sunken eyes
  • fever
  • unconsciousness

Some common causes of dehydration include

  • Not drinking enough water or other fluid
  • Intake of dehydration causing substances like coffee and alcohol
  • Various physical activities like sports and exercises etc.
  • Use of diuretics, antihistamines and calcium channel blockers
Treatment of Dehydration 
  • Move to a cool area.
  • Lie down and try to sit still. 
  • Apply cool, wet cloths to critical areas. (Wrists,Neck,Collarbone,Upper arms/armpits,Inner thighs)
  • water and juice in small amounts.
A good way to avoid dehydration is to make sure you always have water while at a con or in cosplay.  AND DRINK UP.  

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